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Total Body Tabata 5


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The Total Body Tabata 5 is perfect for fitness instructors! Leave the timing and the music to the album so you can focus on coaching, motivating and exercising!

A TABATA is 8 Intervals of a 20-second WORK Interval and a 10 second REST Interval. A 60 second REST follows each TABATA. Each Interval consists of:

  • 10 second REST interval
  • Vocal cue of 4,3,2,1
  • 20-second WORK Interval
  • Whistle Cue
  • Music builds during "WORK" and diminishes during "REST."
  • Class Format: Circuit Training, Interval Training, Personal Workouts
  • Music Style: Tabata intervals with cueing
  • BPM: 145 to 160
  • Single CD set
  • 60 Minutes